National Honor Society

Advisor: Patrick O'Connell

A national organization comprised of students who have achieved a high academic standard and who have displayed excellence in character, service and leadership in their community. After an application process, students are selected by a faculty council based on academic records, faculty evaluations, character, and leadership traits. Members assist with school events and must spend time volunteering within the community.


National Honor Society

National Honor Society is a service organization for Juniors and Seniors.  Membership is a highly sought after honor, but it requires commitment to the ideals of the organization.  The organization has 4 foundational pillars, Character, Leadership, Service, and Scholarship.

The Application Process

An invitation to apply will be sent out to all Juniors and Seniors that have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.8.

Students will need to turn in all parts of the application by the required deadline.

We gather additional information from the faculty and staff regarding your engagement and conduct in the school.  Note, all information stated by faculty and staff will remain confidential.

All applications are scored on a rubric by a confidential faculty council to determine acceptance.

Important Documents

NHS Selection Process

Individual Service Hours Form 

NHS Membership Requirements 

The Application 

The Rubric 

The Mount Greylock Chapter of the National Honor Society follows policies and procedures set forth in the NHS Constitution and the NHS Handbook.  

Revised: March 2022

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