Hi Mounties!

After many hours of work by the Library TAs, our library collection is 100% digitized! In addition to being able to check out books electronically, you can now search our catalogue from your ChromeBook to find out if we have a book- and if it is available. 

Below is a short guide to the Destiny Discover site, where you will search to see if we have the book(s) you are looking for! 

How to find DESTINY DISCOVER on your CB: 
In the upper left corner of your bookmarks bar is a tab labeled MGRS BOOKMARKS. Click that  tab to access the CLASSLINK FOLDER.  Once you sign in to ClassLink with Google- you will see DESTINY DISCOVER- MG on the launchpad. 
(If you have any trouble accessing this site come see me in the library and I can help!) 

Home - Here you will be able to see recent additions, popular topics, and popular books.

Title cards - These are displayed when searching for books and tell the availability and genre of the book. 

Search bar - In order to find books within the Mount Greylock Library collection, use the search bar at the top of the home page. You will see if we own the book and if it is currently available.

***My stuff - (This is cool!) My stuff is a tab that appears right next to the home page when logged in, allowing you to see books you've checked out, held, favorited, or fines you've collected.

See you in the library! 
- Mrs Barrett