Student Government Representatives and Officers for 2022-2022

Seniors: 69%  of the class voted


President - Olivia McKeon

Vice President - Jennah Simpson

Secretary - Kiersten Simpson

Treasurer - Will Marsh

Student Council - Annie Art, Matteo Chang, Altan McIntosh, Jane Skavlem, Molly Sullivan

Juniors: 72% of the class voted


President - Vincent Welch

Vice President - Judge Martin

Secretary - Ava Anagnos

Treasurer - Grace Winters

Student Council - Mira Boyer, Matthew Daley, Caleb Low, Lucy McWeeny, Celina Savage 

Sophomores: 79% of the class voted


President - Gavin Hetherington

Vice President - Niara Steward

Secretary - Vera de Jong

Treasurer - Charlotte Coody

Student Council - Aleksei Chang, Charlotte Holubar, Polly Rhie, Zeke Singer, Knowl Stroud

Freshmen: 89% of the class voted


President - Frances Evans

Vice President - Shubham Devre

Secretary - Antonia Wied

Treasurer - Ruby Dufour

Student Council - Everett Crowe, Nora Lopez, Krishiv Malhotra, Natasha Nugent, Mateo Whalen-Loux

Student Council Officers


President - Annie Art

Vice-President - Altan McIntosh

Secretary - Mira Boyer

Treasurer - Zeke Singer

Parliamentarian - Caleb Low

Press & Social Media Manager - Molly Sullivan

School Council  -- all two-year terms


Amelia Madrigal

Ceci Malone

Celina Savage