Recently Quinian Repetto came to sophomore directed studies to talk about applying to the leadership program he is currently apart of. Below is the information he offered. 

YLP Poster2-2023

Cultivating Tomorrow’s Leaders.

YLP seeks to support and help students in the Berkshires to be the diverse next generation of community leaders we need; preparing them for constructive and responsible involvement in community affairs, while also thinking seriously about potential career pathways. Students apply during the middle of their Sophomore year and begin the program in June of their Sophomore year, followed by 10 months of monthly sessions and engagement over the course of their Junior year.

Throughout the 10-month program, students explore our region – its resources, leadership, issues, and opportunities. They share ideas and learn what it takes to become an inclusive leader, consensus builder, and effective decision-maker. Participants examine the functional areas of businesses and industries, professional leadership building, and the potential career pathways found right here in their own backyards. They explore civic responsibility and the various roles they can play in their communities to inspire a life-long commitment to the Berkshires. (From