Current MGRSD Weather Station Data

Weather Station ID: KMAWILLI9
Station Name: Mount Greylock Regional School District
Latitude / Longitude: N 42 ° 40 ' 15 '', W 73 ° 14 ' 31 ''
Elevation: 965
Hardware: Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (Cabled)


MGRSD uses a Davis Vantage View Pro2 Plus weather station. It has been installed about 35 feet above the ground on the public safety communications tower in our library courtyard. The integrated sensor suite includes rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors, anemometer, solar radiation sensor, UV sensor, and sensor mounting shelf. A daytime fan aspirated radiation shield kit offsets daytime radiation to keep accurate temperature records.

The station also utilizes a rain collector heater. This heater warms the rain collector to 110 degrees during the winter months. The station can melt any snow or ice that falls in the winter to keep accurate yearly precipitation records. A WeatherLinkIP attachment sends data out to the internet every 60 seconds.

All of the above equipment is connected to uninterruptable power supplies in the technology office and is on the emergency generator. This ensures that the station data will be available online 24/7/365 for student use, the general public and various public safety organizations.

Places beyond that the MGRSD Weather Station Can be Viewed:

Weather Underground
(Station name: WMAWILLI9)

Davis Weatherlink
(Station name: Mt Greylock Regional School District)

(Station name: EW6283)