Tammy Jennings
Foodservice Manager

1781 Cold Spring Road
Williamstown, MA 01267-2770
413-458-9582 Ext. 1225
413-458-2856 (Fax)

Student Meals: $3.00 
Adult Meals: $4.50

Accepted Prepay Reduced Meals: $0.40

School Payment Portal: 

Document Link: Parent's guide to getting started PDF Document


(Please pay on or before the 1st of each month)

  • Pay by check with students name on the check to MGRSD Food Service
  • Cash payment may be made daily upon the point of sale.
Month Serving Days Full price Reduced Meals Price
September 20 Days $60.00 $8.00
October 21 Days $63.00 $8.40
November 16 Days $48.00 $6.40
December 16 Days $48.00 $6.40
January 18 Days $54.00 $7.20
February 15 Days $45.00 $6.00
March 21 Days $63.00 $8.40
April 16 Days $48.00 $6.40
May 19 Days $57.00 $7.60
June 12 Days $36.00 $4.80
FULL YEAR 174 Days $522.00 $69.60
Seniors Full Year 162 Days $486.00 $64.80

Food Assistance:

Document Link: Parents Guide to Online Free and Reduced Lunch
Document Link: Free and Reduced Price School Meals Directions 
Document Link: Free and Reduced Price School Meals Household Application 
Document Link: Free and Reduced Lunch Letter to Households 

Project Bread: Do you know someone struggling to put food on the table? For informationabout SNAP/food stamps and other community food resources, call 1.800.645.8333.

WIC: Do you have a child under 5? Are you pregnant or breastfeeding? WIC offers families nutrition consultation, free healthy food, referrals for medical and dental care, health insurance, child care, housing and fuel assistance, and other services. Call 1.800.WIC.1007. 

Lunch Today:

Hotline: Grilled Hotdog on a WW Roll, Oven Baked Fries, Baked Beans, Chilled Mixed Fruit
Salad Bar with Protein & Grain
Sandwich: Chef Choice of the Day


Document Link: List of peanut and tree nut free products offered at MGRS lunch.  

All Lunches include: Fresh or chilled fruit, low fat or fat-free flavored milk.

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