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The Counseling Department, in support of the mission of the Mount Greylock Regional School District, serves as an integral part of the school community: to enhance and support the learning environment for students and to help them achieve academic and social-emotional development, and to also aid in career planning and workplace readiness. It is our mission to be proactive in nature, serve as advocates to students and parents, and work in collaboration with other entities within the school and the community in which we serve.

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Bridget Balawender

Administrative Assistant

Jessica Casalinova

High School Counselor

Gustavo Garo

School Social Worker

Courtney Hatch Blauvelt

High School Counselor

Keith Jones

School Social Worker

Geri O'Brien

School Psychologist

Peter Pannesco

Middle School Counselor

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Mental Health Resources at MRGS and in the Berkshires:

This website provides a list of mental health resources available at Mount Greylock Regional School and in Berkshire County. Life as a student can be stressful, whether you're dealing with a chronic problem like anxiety or have an important test, performance, or game coming up. It's always okay to ask for help.  

Get Started: Mental Health Resources in the Berkshires