Mt. Greylock Regional School District

Greylock Announces Additional Funding from Williams College Donors

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Mt. Greylock Regional School has announced a second round of financial support from a family of Williams College alumni and parents interested in helping to catalyze change at the school.

A gift last year of $135,000 from an alumna and her mother for use in 2011-12 has led to a second gift of $150,000 for 2012-13 from 18 Williams alumni and parents from several generations of the extended family that shares as a common ancestor Joseph A. Jeffrey, a founding partner in the 19th century of the business that became The Jeffrey Manufacturing Company. 

PDF DOWNLOAD: Special Announcement: Williams College Donor Gives to Greylock for Teaching and Learning

PDF DOWNLOAD: MOUNT GREYLOCK REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT Williams College Donor Initiative – Annual Report 2011-12 Office of the Superintendent – Dr. Rose Ellis

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